Prescription Collection Point

Orrell Park Pharmacy patients will have access to a 24-hour prescription collection robot that has just been installed outside the pharmacy. The machine enables you to collect your repeat prescription medicines 24/7, 365 days of the year!
We have invested in making our patients lives easier during these challenging times with the automated collection point which has been designed and built in Britain. The MedPoint machine enables patients to maintain safe physical distance, avoid queues and reduced pharmacy opening hours which are currently a fact of life for many. We hope this will support those trying to self isolate and key-workers that may not be able to get to a pharmacy during normal opening hours due to shift patterns.
We can get your electronic prescriptions from almost ANY surgery in England.
Our friendly team led by our experienced Pharmacist Diana is here to help.
You can register to use the Automated collection service by completing the form below, speaking to one of the team on your next visit or call us on 0151 525 1003

It couldn't be simpler!

Register to use the Automated collection service by completing the form below, speaking to one of the team on your next visit or call us on 0151 525 1003


If I use the collection point, can I still use the pharmacy during opening hours?

Yes. Please be assured we will still welcome your visits to the shop during opening hours, especially if you need some advice or other services. By reducing our queues our team will have more time to speak to those that need face to face care.

Are there any items that can’t be collected from the collection point?

There are some items the collection point cannot be used for clinical or regulatory reasons, these include:
Controlled drugs like morphine, fentanyl, oxycodone etc
Very large bulky items and fridge lines

Is there a charge for this service?

No. We have invested to ensure this is a free service available to all our patients. We hope that it will help grow our business so feel free to recommend us to friends & family!

Is it safe & secure?

Absolutely! We meet stringent UK pharmacy standards and ensure drugs are stored securely. We have used cutting edge technology to ensure that the right medicine goes to the right person every time. The collection point is well lit 24/7 and covered by CCTV.

What if I pay for prescriptions – can I still use the collection point?

You will recieve a text message to register an account with Medpoint and it will ask you if you are exempt or pay for prescription charges . If you pay then it you will be directed to a payment portal to register your details which will require an email address and then payment will be processed securely. Once this has been approved then an 8 digit pin will be sent to your mobile by text message.

I am exempt from prescription charges – how do I sign the prescription?

For most exemption reasons we can keep a record of your exemption evidence and sign on your behalf. There are some exclusions to this and you will be asked to declare your exemption on the machine when you enter your pin number. If you exemption status changes then you should inform the pharmacy as soon as possible to avoid any fines from NHS England.

Is this automation going to cost people their jobs?

Absolutely not. We are not looking to reduce staff numbers in any way. This machine complements the other dispensing processes we have in the pharmacy, without which our team would not have been able to provide such a great dispensing service in such a small space. We are committed to harnessing technology wherever possible to make everything we do more efficient because that will help us provide the best possible service to the local community.
Pre-register to use the Automated collection service by completing the form above, or speaking to one of the team on your next visit or on 0151 525 1003